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The city of Belém belongs to the state of Pará, is located north of the country, in the Metropolitan Region of Belém The capital of the same name is known as 'City of Hoses' is a historic city, capital of Pará, the largest city ​​where the equator is located. It has a rich architectural heritage with numerous monuments, palaces, museums, art galleries, universities and libraries. It also has beaches, islands, bays, rivers, green areas and protected areas. Also special attention should be the Feast of the Candle of Nazareth, considered one of the most important religious festivals around the country, we can not but speak of its Historic Center, popularly known as 'Old City' where we highlight the Castle Fortress, the Cathedral metropolitan Cathedral and the Church of St. Alexander.

Hotel Portas da Amazônia Belém
Rua Dr. Malcher, 15 – Cidade Velha – CEP: 66.020-250 - em frente a Catedral da Sé - Belém – Pará – Brasil
Fone/Fax: 55 ( 91) 3222-9952 e 3212-9575 – E-mail: info@portasdaamazoniabelempara.com.br