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Christmas spirit in the month of October

There are almost 300 years of history in which an anonymous protagonists come together to express belief in Our Lady of Nazareth.
The candle is a unique moment of devotion, faith and love, as thousands flooded the streets of Belém do Pará, the largest procession of Catholic Christian faith, the second Sunday of October.
Shows devotion and multiply excited Para many candles. Large and small. Centenarians and recent. Different, but all examples of faith.
Among them, however, one stands out for its strength and greatness of the Feast: The Candle of Our Lady of Nazareth, in Bethlehem's nearly two million people, including attendants and spectators, covering 4.5 km to the Sanctuary Square, in front the Basilica.
During Christmas of Pará, as the candle is called the Amazon, the city hums culturally.

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